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Nemesis ATV100A 100cc Quad Bike

The new Nemesis is simply the best quality quad we have seen in years.

At first appearances it bears a striking resemblance to the excellent Apache RLX100 quads that we also sell. Indeed it uses many of the same parts. We are told that it is made by the same people in the same factory so perhaps this is not all that surprising! That said there are differences. There are literally dozens of improvements on the Nemesis, clearing all of the old bug-bears associated with the good-old Apache. Indeed many of our customers are calling it the 'Apache Mark II'.

Check the specifications and decide for yourself. Whether it's the stylish design of the flexible body shell or perhaps the large carrying weight? For some it's the extra safety features, for others it's the ability to road-register the bike. What ever it is that makes the Nemesis so attractive to our customers, none of them can afford to ignore the 12months warranty that comes as standard with each and every one.

This bike is currently out of stock but we do still have all the spare parts you might need to keep your bike in tip-top condition. Please call or email with your requirements.

Find out more at www.nemesisatv.co.uk












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